Recent Performance

ia 01 2015

Sales volume of Specialty Lubricants and Liquid Paraffin & Sulfonates in domestic market and that of Specialty Lubricants and Hot Melt Adhesive in overseas market increased. However, sales amount just marginally exceeded the amount in the previous year with a declining sales price of final products as a result of lowering price of raw materials, as well as with appreciation of Japanese yen.

ia 02 2015

Selling, general and administrative expenses increased as personnel and depreciation expenses went up.. However, with declining price of raw materials which is linked with price of crude oil and naphtha, as well as cost reduction measures such as an enhanced procurement with competitive pricing and an improved production yield, ordinary profit increased by 11.8% over the previous year. promotion of purchase under beneficial purchase conditions and development of product yield contributed to increase ordinary profit by 11.8% over the previous year.

ia 03 2015

In China, sales amount increased due to large sales volume under continuation of a preferential tax treatment for purchase of small-sized automobiles and acquisition of new customers. In South-East Asia, sales of [specialty lubricants] and hot melt adhesive increased due to recovery of automobile production and introduction of new products. In North America, strong sales were achieved under robust automobile production. With these developments, the company’s overseas sales ratio stood at 37.8% which exceeded the ratio in the previous year.