Recent Performance

ia 01 2018

Net sales remained strong due primarily to betterment in domestic automotive production and exports as well as a global economy recovery.
Sales volumes of special lubricants and raw materials rose domestically so did special lubricants and hot-melt adhesive overseas. As a result, net sales increased by 4.7% from the previous term.

ia 02 2018

Ordinary income declined slightly from the previous year due mainly to increases in prices of raw materials in line with the crude oil and naphtha markets and a rise in general and administrative expenses although the company implemented cost reduction activities including purchasing in an advantageous position and improving product yields.

ia 03 2018

In China and Southeast Asia, both special lubricants and hot-melt adhesive remained firm as the production quantity of automobiles grew from the previous term.
In North America, oil for die casting, which is the key products, remained almost flat from the previous term although the sales quantity of automobiles decreased from the previous term.