Recent Performance

ia 01 2019

In addition to robust automobile production in Japan and Southeast Asia, thanks to expanded sales of the new product, water-soluble minimum quantity coating type releasing lubricant, the special lubricants segment performed well. In the materials segment, net sales increased over the previous year due to increases in per-unit sales prices that accompanied rising raw material and ingredient prices. Meanwhile, there was some decline in shipment of hard disk surface lubricants, but net sales increased by 3.2% year-on-year.

ia 02 2019

In addition to rising prices of raw materials and ingredients linked to crude oil and naphtha market conditions, increases in R&D expenditure and personnel costs also contributed to a decline in ordinary income over the previous year.

ia 03 2019

In China, special lubricants sales fell due to a decline in automobile production volumes, but expanded sales of hot melt adhesives led to an increase in sales revenue over the previous year. In Southeast Asia, sales of DC lubricants trended favorably thanks to growth in automobile production volumes, and hot melt adhesives performed strongly. Sales of lubricants for hot forging in the United States were down, but net overseas sales overall were slightly up on the previous year.