Milestones of MORESCO

Since its founding in 1958, we have contributed to the development of society by producing the top market share and one-of-a-kind products.

1958 Succeeded to domestic production of high vacuum pump oil NEOVAC

R&D department independent from Matsumura Oil Corp. Then Matsumura Oil Research Corporation (former company name) was founded. We have succeeded to produce mineral oil-based vacuum pump oil which mainly imports at that time. History of MORESCO began from this oil named “NEOVAC”. It is the top domestic market share today. It is used in food industry, semiconductor and LCD fields.

1961 Started production of liquid paraffin as the Japan's first

We started production of liquid paraffin by sulfuric acid method. It was the first time in Japan. Chiba plant was built in 1965 and started full-scale production of liquid paraffin and petroleum sulfonate. Liquid paraffin that conforms to the standard of food and medicine has been used for polystylene tableware and cosmetics. In recent years, it is also used in the production of separator film for lithium-ion batteries. It still keeps the top domestic market share.

1961 Water glycol hydraulic fluid to prevent the fire

Water glycol hydraulic fluid was developed to protect the plant, such as steel and automotive industry from fire. Petroleum based hydraulic oil has a risk of fire. We are contributing to the improvement of the working environment and ensuring safety by developing a variety of water-soluble lubricant.

1972 Synthetic lubricating oils that can be used at high temperature

At the beginning when Die-casting method has been started, mineral oil based Die-Lubricant was used in the process of automotive parts manufacturing. The water-soluble Die-casting mold releasing lubricant was developed in order to meet the request of water-solubilization with an environmental safety. MORESCO has been expanding the market share by developing new environmental-friendly product and special products for Magnesium alloy. It is the reason of keeping the top market share in Japan. We are expanding our scope of activity from the increasing of production of the automotive and motorbike in China, Southeast Asia and North America.

1972 Synthetic lubricating oils that can be used at high temperature

We have developed a synthetic high vacuum pump oil “NEOVAC S series” because the performance of mineral oil was not enough. By-products with high heat resistance was generated during the production of this synthetic vacuum pump oil. To research set out to take advantage of this, we have developed a high-temperature synthetic lubricant “HILUBE.” It is used in the hot section around the automobile engine. It has spread to the world as a one-of-a-kind product today.

1977 Enterd the hot melt adhesive market

We examined the diversification of the business as a means of stable management. At the time, hot melt adhesives as a substitute for organic solvent type adhesive has appeared. It was different market and technology from the lubricating oil, the growth of the domestic market could be expected. So we decided to enter the hot melt adhesive market. Synthetic rubber-based hot melt adhesive “MORESCOMELT” was developed around 1990. After that, it was successful in entering the field of hygiene such as disposable diapers. We are accelerating overseas expansion into Southeast Asia and other area.

1995 Established first overseas bases in Thailand

Thailand is one of the candidate sites that Japanese companies are likely to business development. Therefore, we established in Thailand a local subsidiary of the Company’s first. And we have established a system for supplying our products in overseas markets. It is the forerunner, which led to the current global expansion.

1999 Developed the hard disk surface lubricant as new business enhancement

Fluorophosphazene oil abandoned development once in around1987. We have restarted the R&D with the information this oil is effective for surface lubrication of the hard disk. And we have succeeded in commercializing hard disk surface lubricant “MORESCO PHOSFAROL A-20H”. Currently, it has been active in computer and other recording media in the world.