Corporate Policies

Vision and Concept

With its corporate philosophy of "user-focused R&D", the MORESCO Group aims to contribute to the development of society and shine on the global stage as a specialist in water, oil, and macromolecules by responding to industry needs in the field of interface science (the study of friction, wear, and other phenomena in areas where objects come into contact with one another).

Medium-term Corporate Policies

Deliver unparalleled quality and value to our customers.
Achieve best-in-class technology and products with a competitive cost position.
Prioritize new markets for growth and diversification by collaborating with customers and partners.
Be the best place to work and the best corporate partner for local communities.



The MORESCO group will enthusiastically promote businesses such as special lubricants and hot-melt adhesives for use in the automobile and hygiene products fields in emerging nations such as China, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam, where ongoing growth is expected in the future. We will concentrate on three particular areas of new product development, namely, the environment, information, and energy device fields, and focus on producing high value-added items by developing one-of-a-kind products that can compete in the global marketplace.