Sealants FAQ

What are the merits of MORESCO MOISTURE CUT?

The first merit is its high water vapor barrier property and the second is its property for high adherence to the base material.

Does MORESCO MOISTURE CUT have a track record of actual use?

MORESCO MOISTURE CUT is being used by the largest manufacturer of organic EL devices in Japan.

What can you tell me about the hardening method of the MORESCO MOISTURE CUT WB90US series?
Also, does this series require post-hardening (heat application) after ultraviolet irradiation?

The recommended hardening conditions are as follows: integrated illumination of 6 J/cm2 (365 nm) + 80°C × 1 hour.
If you omit post-hardening, the hardness will be insufficient, which may lead to a decrease in performance.

Is there a type that doesn't use ultraviolet irradiation?

Yes, there is. We can customize the product to meet your needs.

I want to use a UV-LED as the ultraviolet irradiation equipment for the MORESCO MOISTURE CUT WB90US series. Are there any problems if I do this?

We recommend that you use a high-pressure mercury lamp or metal-halide lamp as the ultraviolet irradiation equipment.
For UV-LEDs, the generated ultraviolet rays have extremely well-regulated wavelengths close to 365 nm, so if you use one of these devices, you will have to set the integrated illumination higher than the setting for a high-pressure mercury lamp or metal-halide lamp. Failing to do so will result in insufficient hardness.

Up to what size of spacers can be added to the sealant?

Spacers generally have a size of 3 to 30 μm, and the maximum size supported is 100 μm.
Both glass and resin can be supported as the spacer material.

What are the precautions for storing and handling sealant?

Store the sealant in a cool, dark place (with a temperature between 0 and 15°C). Before using the sealant, be sure to return it to room temperature. Note that the WB90US series of sealant is classified as a hazardous substance for non-medical use. When disposing of the material, do so according to the appropriate treatment and by following the relevant laws, regulations, and ordinances.