Synthetic lubricating oils for use as lubricating oils and as grease base oils FAQ

Can you tell me a detailed actual usage example of alkyl diphenyl ether?

Urea grease in which is mixed urea thickener that uses alkyl diphenyl ether as its base oil has the merit of high heat resistance and is used as the high-temperature grease for bearings of automotive electrical components with the goal of ensuring long service lives for these components.

What is the compatibility of phenyl ether type synthetic oils with rubber materials?

Generally speaking, phenyl ether type synthetic oils are compatible with fluorine rubber and silicon rubber. These oils may not be compatible with ethyl-propylene rubber or nitrile rubber depending on the brand of rubber.

What are the applications of tetraphenyl ether?

Making use of this oil's high radiation resistance, this oil is applied as the lubricant in earthquake protection equipment of atomic reactors, 60Co gamma ray irradiation facilities and equipment, electron-beam irradiation facilities and equipment, and nuclear fuel reprocessing plant machinery.

What are the applications of pentaphenyl ether?

This oil is used as the vacuum pump oil for precision analysis equipment such as electron microscopes and mass spectrometers and as the lubricant for the machinery, which requires heat resistance, of radiation facilities.