Sulfonates FAQ

What can you tell me about the rust-prevention function of sulfonates?

Sulfonates that have been dissolved into oil arrange their polar group (sulfone group) elements to face the metal surface and their lipophilic group elements, which are composed of hydrocarbons, to face the outside. This prevents the intrusion of water, which in turn prevents rust from occurring.

What can you tell me about the neutralizing function of basic sulfonates?

Basic sulfonates provide especially exceptional performance as cleaning and neutralizing agents of engine oils and industrial lubricating oils. These sulfonates neutralize the inorganic salts and organic acids that are generated during low-temperature operation of gasoline engines and the sulphuric acid and other similar substances that are generated within diesel engines. This prevents the creation of sludge (undissolved solids), which prevents corrosion and wear.

How are petroleum sulfonates and synthetic sulfonates made?

Petroleum sulfonates are obtained by sulfonizing the petroleum lubricating oil fraction, and then neutralizing, extracting, and separating the result. Synthetic sulfonates are obtained by extracting alkyl benzene with a uniform molecular weight from heavy alkyl benzene (which is the chemical raw material), sulfonizing the extracted alkyl benzene, and then neutralizing, extracting, and separating the result.

How do petroleum sulfonates and synthetic sulfonates differ in terms of performance?

Petroleum sulfonates use natural mineral oil as their raw material, so they have good compatibility with other additive agents. The main areas where petroleum sulfonates excel are their emulsification and solubilization capabilities. The base oils of synthetic sulfonates have narrow molecular weight distributions and minimal amounts of foreign impurities, so these sulfonates have excellent rust prevention and dispersion capabilities.

What are the merits of sulfonates?

Sulfonates have small variations in quality.
They have favorable colors and are easy to use.
MORESCO is the only manufacturer of sulfonates in Japan, which means that we can provide a stable flow of these products.