Who We Are Looking For



Self-actualization is maximization of latent potential within oneself in order to achieve maximum actualization. MORESCO is looking for people of unlimited potential who do not rest on the laurels of past accomplishments, and who are constantly polishing their skills and striving for self-improvement.



Interpersonal relationships take on countless forms from relationships between those within the same section and company, to other companies, laboratories and international relationships. Coordination of these many different relationships makes it possible to discover new markets and vital information. Such discovery is important for integrating various existing technologies and creating innovative new things.
Person-to-person, technology-to-technology. MORESCO is looking for people capable of the versatility required to create new value.


In a business environment where everyone is talking about globalization, simply maintaining current markets is tough for surviving. The development of new markets is essential. In order not to be left behind, it is important for companies to be able to perceive and adapt to trends, and create new value. MORESCO is looking for people with strong research and development motivation, who have the abilities to pioneer new areas of business.



Always continuing to do the same thing may be a way to avoid big mistakes, but it also makes it impossible to achieve significant success.
Large-scale growth and significant success is only realized by high-level work and setting difficult goals, and by charting a course to the untested and unknown fields. MORESCO is looking self-starters who are unafraid of failure.



It is not difficult to see that the business stage of the future will be global in nature. It is important to maintain relationships with a wide variety of different people in order to play an effective role on such a global stage. Also it is crucial to respect various different points of view, cultures, and value systems.
MORESCO is looking for people with a strong international sense who are capable of actions on an international scale.