Core technologies

As an R&D-focused company, MORESCO has cultivated purification, blend, and synthesis technologies since our establishment. We are working on “Research & Development for users” with fused full use of these core technologies. We produce one-of-a-kind on the basis of the new needs that were excavated from the interaction with customers. Core technologies that makes possible to create unique products are our strength.

Hard disk surface lubricants MORESCO PHOSFAROL


Two key ingredients of MORESCO PHOSFAROL are phosphazene, which provides heat resistance and excellent stability against acid catalysts, and perfluoropolyether, which provides water and oil repellency. The lubricant has earned great trust from hard disk manufacturers the world over by demonstrating high performance even when discs are rotating at high speed.


Lubricating oils for high temperature applications MORESCO HILUBE


MORESCO-HILUBE, our high temperature lubricating oil, is used in harsh environments as the base oil of greases used with bearings subject to the high temperatures of automotive electrical components and as the lubricating oil used with bearings of machinery such as OA machinery, with bread ovens, and with the drive section of drying furnaces.


Olefin-based reactive hot melt adhesive MORESCO-MELT RO-180


This moisture curing type olefin group hot melt was born from the concept of hot melts with high adhesion to PP, which could not be realized with conventional moisture curing type urethane group hot melts (PUR). After this hot melt cools and solidifies, it reacts with the moisture in the air to form a stronger adhesive bond. This hot melt is used in applications such as adhering together automotive interior parts.

Strength of MORESCO