Privacy Policy

Basic Policy on Protection of Personal Information (Privacy Policy)

MORESCO recognizes the importance of personal information in an advanced information society and strives to protect that personal information based on the following policies. To increase the effectiveness of personal information protection, MORESCO hereby establishes its Basic Policy on Protection of Personal Information (Privacy Policy).

1. Purposes, collection, and use of personal information

MORESCO will collect and use personal information through lawful and fair means within the scope required for the purposes listed below. If the need arises to make use of personal information outside of these purposes, unless the change is permitted by law or regulation, prior consent of the information owner will be obtained before such use.

  1. To inform about products, services, and events, etc., by methods including post, telephone, and e-mail
  2. To respond to inquiries about products and services, etc.
  3. To perform transactions required for business
  4. About personal information of shareholders
    • To fulfill rights and obligations under the Companies Act and other laws and regulations
    • To provide various types of information and convenience to shareholders
    • To implement various measures to facilitate relationships with shareholders
    • To manage shareholders by preparing data in accordance with prescribed standards based on various laws and regulations
  5. About personal information of applicants for employment and internship participants
    • To select applicants for employment
    • To contact and notify applicants for employment and internship participants
  6. To appoint and employ our directors and employees, to manage personnel and labor affairs, to perform various procedures required by law or internal regulations, to pay wages and other benefits (compensation, wages, bonuses, allowances, etc.), and to provide welfare benefits to our employees

2. Provision of personal information to third parties

MORESCO will not provide or disclose personal information to any third party without the prior consent of the information owner, except in cases where such provision or disclosure is permitted by law or ordinance, etc.

3. Management of personal information

  1. MORESCO will strive to keep personal information accurate and up to date and will manage it securely.
  2. To implement this Basic Policy, MORESCO will establish rules for the handling of personal information, manage personal information appropriately under those rules, and prevent the leakage of, loss of, and damage to such information. In addition, MORESCO will conduct periodic training for directors, employees, and others.
  3. In cases where it entrusts the handling of personal information to a third party, MORESCO will instruct and supervise that third party to undertake security management measures that are appropriate and required by law or ordinance.

4. Joint use of personal information

MORESCO will use the personal information it holds jointly with the MORESCO Group companies.

  1. Items of personal information to be shared
    Attribute information such as the information owner's address, name, telephone number, age, gender, e-mail address, and other information provided by the information owner, as well as the details of the information owner's inquiries, etc.
  2. Scope of joint use
    • MORESCO TECHNO Co., Ltd.
    • Ethylene Chemical Co., Ltd.
  3. Purpose of use of Joint Users
    Purposes of use as stated in "1. Purposes of use, acquisition and use of personal information."
  4. Persons responsible for the management
    MORESCO Corporation
    Address: 5-5-3, Minatojimaminamimachi, Chuo-ku,Kobe-city, Hyogo,650-0047 Japan
    Representative: Representative Director, President Motohisa Morozumi

5. Use of cookies

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6. Disclosure, amendment, suspension of use, and deletion of personal information

In the event that an information owner requests the disclosure, amendment, suspension of use, or deletion of their personal information, MORESCO will respond appropriately, in compliance with the relevant laws and ordinances, based on a written request submitted on a form stipulated by MORESCO. Please inquire at the contact point (section No.7) for information on how to obtain this form and commission charges.

7. Contact for inquiries regarding handling of personal information

General Administration Department, MORESCO Corporation
Tel: +81-78-303-9010 / Fax: +81-78-303-9020
Email Address:

Established November 1, 2016
Revised June 1, 2022
MORESCO Corporation
5-5-3, Minatojimaminamimachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe-city, Hyogo, 650-0047 Japan
Representative Director, President
Motohisa Morozumi