Corporate Information

Medium-Term Management Plan

The MORESCO Group has formulated its 10th Medium-Term Management Plan, covering the three years from FY2024 to FY2026.
Based on the measures outlined in the 10th Medium-Term Management Plan, the entire Group will work together to deliver "sustainable, one-of-a-kind" products to the world, contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, and promote the creation of new value.

Basic policies and major initiatives

Theme of the 10th Medium-Term Management Plan

Achieving both "realization of a sustainable society" and
"increasing added value of business"

Basic policies and major initiatives list

Business targets

Business targets table

Shareholder returns

  • Positioning shareholder returns as a key management issue, return profits while striving to maintain appropriate internal reserves
  • Pay dividends, aiming for a consolidated payout ratio of 30% or more over the medium to long term
Trends in dividend per share and consolidated payout ratio graph