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MORESCO Group delivers sustainable one-of-a-kind products

Matsumura Oil Research Corporation (renamed MORESCO Corporation in 2009) was established by a group of young researchers in 1958 as Japan's domestic producer of special lubricants, which were mainly imported at the time. We have since supplied the major industries that have formed the backbone of the Japanese economy, having developed a string of products including high-vacuum pump oil for use in industries where high vacuum is required; fire-resistant hydraulic fluids for use in the steel and automobile industries; and extremely safe liquid paraffin oil for use as a raw material in cosmetics. We have added improvements to these original products to respond to the needs of the times, and continue to enjoy the leading share of the domestic Japanese market.

In keeping with our aim of being an R&D-focused company, MORESCO has subsequently commercialized water-soluble die-casting fluids for processing automobile parts, and environmentally friendly hot-melt adhesives, and have also leveraged our proprietary synthesis technologies to develop one-of-a-kind synthetic lubricants. Our sales of hot-melt adhesives have grown in step with increased demand for such materials for use in hygiene products like disposable diapers. Meanwhile, our synthetic lubricants have been used extensively in niche fields such as base oils for heat-resistant greases used in high-temperature locations in automobiles and surface lubricants for hard disks, and have won the leading share of the global market.

Meanwhile, in 1995, MORESCO established its first overseas subsidiary in Thailand following the overseas expansion of the Japanese domestic automobile industry. Since then we have steadily laid the foundations to become a global company, having established production and sales centers in areas including China, North America, Indonesia and India.

Today, as a specialist in water, oil, and macromolecules, MORESCO is committed to the challenge of developing new products for the environment, IT, energy devices, and life science fields by fusing the blending and synthesis technologies we have nurtured over the years. We thus hope to manufacture products and provide services that will bring smiles to the faces of our customers around the world.

MORESCO will remain appreciative of the shareholders, customers, and all those in the wider community who have supported us, and will strive to deliver sustainable one-of-a-kind products.