Education and Training


The objective of MORESCO education and training activities is to improve the business skills of each employee. The ultimate goal is to enhance the level of satisfaction of employees. Particular emphasis is education in foreign languages and cultural communication in order to develop global human resources in line with modern globalization trends.

Human Resources Development and Education Programs

Training by level
  • New employee training
  • Training after six months
  • Younger employee training
  • Mid-level employee training
  • New manager training
  • Manager training, etc.
Training by job
  • Training by job type (sales, development, production, administration)
  • External training
  • Lectures
  • Internal study sessions, etc.
Business skill training
  • Business manner training
  • Intellectual property training
  • Accounting basics training
  • Foreign language training, etc.
Self-development support
  • Language school subsidy system
  • Qualification acquisition bonus etc.
  • Compliance training, etc.