Corporate Information

For Prospective Customers (Purchase Information)

This page is intended to provide information about the material procurement to new suppliers.

Deal Flow

1 Contact Please contact us by e-mail.
2 Evaluation We evaluate strictly on the basis of the description of the e-mail.
3 Interview We have an interview about the offer that has passed the evaluation. And we will do the negotiation and confirmation about quality, price and others.
4 Quote request We request a quotation on the basis of the agreement of the interview.
5 Purchase agreement We sign a purchase agreement by purchasing specifications and quotation. But in the case of the deal with us for the first time, you may be required documents to us.
6 Order When the procedure is finished, we will order based on the agreement.
7 Payment We will transfer the payment to the bank account you specify according to the payment agreement.

Trade Items

Raw Materials

For liquid paraffin, sulfonate Paraffinum liquidum / Alkyl benzene / Inorganic aids
For metal working fluid, hydraulic fluid Paraffinum liquidum / Emulsifying agent / Extreme pressure agent / Lubricity improver / pH adjuster / Defoamer / Rust inhibitor / Mold inhibitor / Other additives
For synthetic lubricating oil α-olefin / DPO / additive
For hot melt adhesive Thermoplastic rubber / Tackifier resin / Olefin / EVA / Wax / Additive

Packaging Materials

Container Drum / Can / Bottle
For packing Bag / Plastic / Film / Cardboard / One-way pallet


Contact About Purchase Infomation

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Osaka-city, Osaka, 541-0051 Japan
TEL / FAX 06-6262-3319 / 06-6262-3327

* Please contact us about the inquiry of materials collection.
(Please contact us from the page for "About Products (How to buy / Document request)" if you have questions about our products.)