Corporate Information

Main Business

Special Lubricants BusinessStrong support for working with big machines such as heavy equipment and plants

We supply a variety of special lubricants worldwide, making good use of blending technologies in mixing different materials. A number of products have acquired top share in Japanese market for their high quality and high functionalyity.

Hot Melt Adhesive BusinessContributing to safety, health and environment in life

We develop environment-friendly products from the customer's point of view. We are now developing reactive hot melt adhesives with higher heat resistance by making optimal use of our unique blending and polymer modification technologies.

Synthetic Lubricants BusinessHigh-performance lubricant for harsh environment

By continuously further improving our in-house synthesis technologies, we create one-of-a-kind products yet to be replicated anywhere in the world. We are continuing development of next-generation lubricants that will best fit costomer's needs.

Liquid Paraffin & Sulfonates BusinessSafe and harmless, colorless and transparent, odorless and tasteless

Using sulfonation technology, We succeeded in domestically producing liquid paraffins and sulfonates, the first in Japan to do so. We continue promoting improvements to facilities and processes to enhance cost-competitiveness and stabilize quality.

Device Materials BusinessContributing to longer life for organic devices

We develop a sealing materials by applying polymer modification and blending technologies cultivated in our hot melt adhesive research. We are also working on developing new sealing materials for new sealing methods.