Flexible Organic Photovoltaics (OPV)

Creating the future with clean energy.

Our organic photovoltaics (OPV) are light, flexible, film-shaped solar cells.
Being semitransparent and featuring a high-quality design, they can also function as an interior decoration when attached to windows to generate electricity.
Currently, we are expanding our product lineup and promoting use not only in commercial buildings, but also in research institutions, public institutions, and government agencies.



Creating cleaner energy

Compared with conventional sunlight-based solar power generation (solar cells, solar panels, etc.) which is one type of renewable energy, OPV can produce cleaner energy.

  • Simple installation

  • Easy to carry

  • Less waste

* Morena and Moreo are MORESCO mascot characters.



"MORESCO-OPV Flexi" contributes to the eco-society of the future with renewable energy that is kind to the environment.

MORESCO-OPV Flexi is a light and flexible solar cell that lets you choose the color, size, functionality, and more to suit your intended usage environment and objectives.

ItemAppearanceElement width [mm]Length [mm]Merits
Approx. 300 x 300
Blue (semitransparent)300300Flexible/simple installation
Approx. 300 x 1,000
Green (semitransparent)3001000

The product can be customized in accordance with its intended application. Please consult with us.

We also offer a lineup of other OPV shapes.

Flexi Leaf
10 g
Ultra-light and compact -
you'd never know it's a solar cell at first glance.
school materials,

Flexi OPTree

Powered by Sunew

700 kg
Stylish bench-shaped USB
power supply included
Outdoor rest facilities/
emergency power in case of disaster/

The product can be customized in accordance with its intended application. Please consult with us.
Some details of the appearance or specifications may change.
The provided data is intended to illustrate examples and does not give guaranteed values.

Implementation examples 1

Minami Sanriku SUN2 Organic Solar

The Minami Sanriku SUN2 Organic Solar was created in March 2018 as the result of a collaboration between Minami Sanriku Sun Sun Shopping Village and volunteer companies, etc.*

* Volunteers (in no particular order)

Kanazawa University Research Center for Sustainable Energy and Technology (RSET)Kengo Kuma and Associates
Prof. Dr. Kohshin TakahashiMORESCO Corporation
University of Tokyo School of Engineering (Faculty of Engineering)ideal star inc.
Professor Yutaka MatsuoSocialCapital, Inc.

* Provided by the Minami Sanriku SUN2 Organic Solar Secretariat

Implementation examples 2

Hyogo Prefectural Government

As part of the activities to popularize environmentally friendly solar cells in Hyogo Prefecture, we set up a MORESCO-OPV Flexi for two years from 2019 at the Midori Observatory on the 13th floor of the Hyogo Prefectural Office Building No. 2.
The diorama lighting and train model were driven by the power of the OPV installed in the window, and the customers enjoyed it during the tour course.

Implementation examples 3

Yamagata University Innovation Center for Organic Electronics (INOEL)

We have started verification testing of OPV at the Yamagata University Innovation Center for Organic Electronics (INOEL). We are measuring the amount of sunlight, temperature, and power generation (voltage and current) using the power generated by the OPV. Based on this verification test, we will assess the potential for application in power supplies for communication systems, as a replacement for button batteries, and so on.

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