What is the flow of the selection process?
The selection process proceeds as shown below.

1. Fill in required information on the job-placement information website.
2. Company information session (head office, R&D Center and other domestic offices)
3. Screening of resume and other application Documents.
4. First interview.
5. Second interview by executive officer.
6. Third interview (with representative director(s))
7. Job offer.

* Note that there may be slight changes in the process depending on recruitment status and timing.
How does one participate in the company information session?
It is possible to reserve a spot via the job placement information website, Mynavi. Go to Mynavi and reserve a spot at the desired date, time and venue.
Do you pay transportation costs?
Approximate transportation costs are paid from the second interview onwards.
When approximately are assignments decided?
2 months before joining the company.
Is there anything that needs to be done between the informal decision to hire and actual hiring by the company?
A social gathering will be held inviting prospective employees around October. All prospective employees are invited to participate.There is nothing else in particular besides this. Please enjoy the remainder of your precious student life.