Who We Are Looking For


People who are willing to expand
their own "sense of self"

The ability to "create new value through free thinking," part of our management philosophy, is something that MORESCO seeks in all of our employees. So, how do we nurture free thinking? We believe that free thinking is achieved by encountering different sets of values and expanding your own "sense of self."

We have all grown up in different environments and have had our own unique experiences, giving us our own "sense of self." And, this is not something that should be looked upon in a negative way. However, going beyond this "sense of self" can result in changing who we are or being drawn into the views of somebody else and can cause a sense of discomfort. We should not be afraid of encountering new values, rather we should embrace them and add them to our own. This will help to expand our own "sense of self" and in turn, help to nurture free thinking.

The more our existing employees and new employees joining MORESCO can expand their sense of self, the greater our ability to create new value will become.

This is the concept behind who we are looking for.