Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

The MORESCO Group ("the Company") sets and complies with this "Social Media Policy" with respect to the operation of its official social media account and the use of social media by its employees.

1. Basic Policy

The Company and its employees shall correctly understand and comply with the management principles, information security policy and other sets of policies set by the Company. In addition, employees who choose to use social media for personal and/or professional purposes shall:

  1. bear in mind at all times that information posted is accessible by many and unspecified users, and that once posted, information cannot be completely deleted;
  2. have a global perspective on things and not post any information that conflicts with the law or social ethics;
  3. not infringe on the copyright, portrait right or other rights, or misuse the personal information, of a third party;
  4. not defame others or use expressions that are misleading, let alone any discriminatory expressions; and
  5. not, under any circumstances, post confidential information relating to the Company and its stakeholders.

2. Operation Policy for the Official Social Media Account

Please read and accept the following operation policy before using the official social media account operated by the Company ("Official Account").

  1. Information provided by the Company on its Official Account is the latest information as of the time of release, and is not guaranteed as to its accuracy, integrity or serviceability.
  2. Information that the Company provides on its Official Account does not necessarily represent an official announcement or opinion of the Company. Official announcements and opinions of the Company are made available on the Company website.
  3. The Company will not be responsible for any damage arising out of the user's use of, or inability to use, the Official Account.
  4. The Company may modify this operation policy without notice.
  5. The Company may also terminate the operation of, or delete the contents of, its Official Account without notice.
  6. The Company operates the Official Account in a manner where transmission of comments, postings or messages is not accepted.
  7. For inquiries or comments regarding the Company and our products, please use the inquiry page on the Company website.

3. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Information contained in this Social Media Policy shall be governed by the laws of Japan. Any dispute which may arise with the users of the Official Account shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Kobe District Court or the Kobe Summary Court in the first instance.

Established on November 1, 2018
MORESCO Corporation