Wastewater Treatment Agents & Equipment

Inexpensive and simple treatment of various types of wastewater

MORESCO has developed emulsification wastewater treatment agents and UF membrane wastewater treatment equipment, that are environmental conservation products, with the goal of making these products inexpensive and simple.
These products can be used to treat wastewater of various kinds generated in factories, including water soluble cutting fluids used in metal machining processes, lubricants and detergents used in die casting, and penetrant liquids used in non-destructive testing of aircraft components.
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EMULSION BREAKER Wastewater Treatment Agents

Our "EMULSION BREAKER" wastewater treatment agents have been developed to meet demand for high coagulation/separation capacity, simple treatment, and low cost in the treatment of various kinds of wastewater. We offer an extensive line-up of dedicated treatment agents for different applications.

Inorganic Emulsion BreakerFor use on various kinds of wastewater, both organic and inorganic. Wastewater treatment agent that has been independently developed using regular inorganic coagulant as the base material.
Product No. Appearance pH Merits Product guide
#11 Liquid 4.3 • Standard type that is effective on all kinds of wastewater.
#15 Liquid 2.3 • Perfect for improving coagulation capacity.
#20 Liquid 4.3 • Effective in the treatment of oil-bearing and highly concentrated wastewater.
Single-chemical Emulsion BreakerWastewater treatment agent in powdered form that performs flocculation, neutralization, and coagulation with a single product. Recommended for batch treatment methods.
Product No. Appearance pH Merits Product guide
#8M Powders 7.5 • Widely effective in a range of emulsified wastewater types.
• Ideal for oil-bearing wastewater.
#8MK Powders 8.0 • Wastewater containing plastics, including water-based adhesives and water-based paints, can be treated with a single agent.
#8T Powders 7.0 • Penetrants (fluorescents and dyes) that are difficult to decolorize can be treated with a single agent.
• Effective in other various types of colored wastewater, including paints.
Functional Emulsion BreakerWastewater treatment agent developed to solve a range of wastewater treatment-related issues. Various types are available for specific applications.
Product No. Appearance pH Merits Product guide
#3 Powders 7.0 • Effective in decolorizing colored wastewater.
• Adsorptive property contributes to water quality improvement.
#200 Liquid 3.5 • Oil found in wastewater in large quantities separates and floats to the surface in advance.
• Reducing wastewater load reduces volume of coagulant that needs to be added.
#450 Liquid 4.5 • Keeps volume of coagulant added down, resulting in major reductions in sludge volumes.
• Reduction in sludge volumes contributes greatly to reduction of industrial waste.
#600 Liquid 9.6 • Improves water quality by reducing n-hexanes and COD by reducing nonionic surface-active agents that are difficult to treat.

Coagulant treatment equipment, Non-oil System

Our "Non-oil System" coagulant treatment equipment is a batch wastewater treatment system designed for the use of our Emulsion Breaker wastewater treatment agents.
Its simple design makes it easy to operate and maintain.

MORESCO non-oil systems
Product No. Treatment capacity Dedicated filter bag Unit dimensions
(Device + circulation thickener)
Product guide
200 200 liters per application 1 bag W1,000×D950×H2,200mm
500 500 liters per application 6 bags W1,950×D3,000×H3,300mm
1000 1,000 liters per application 8 bags W2,100×D3,300×H3,350mm
2000 2,000 liters per application 9 bags W2,350×D3,600×H3,800mm

UF membrane wastewater treatment equipment

Our UF membrane wastewater treatment equipment is a wastewater treatment system that uses ultra-filtration (UF) membranes with microscopic pore size.
Unlike regular coagulant treatment agents, this is a physical (chemical-free) method that uses membranes to separate out wastewater contents.
Although compact, it can accommodate large volumes of wastewater with continuous automatic batch treatment.
The system can be designed to cater to different volumes and types of wastewater.

UF membrane wastewater treatment equipment
Product No. Treatment capacity Membrane module
(1.5-meter membrane)
Unit dimensions
(Device + circulation thickener)
Product guide
MK2-GR 1,000 liters per application 2 units W3,250×D1,000×H1,950mm
MK6-GR 3,000 liters per application 6 units W3,400×D1,000×H1,950mm
MK10-GR 5,000 liters per application 10 units W4,000×D1,400×H2,050mm
MK20-GR 10,000 liters per application 20 units W4,200×D1,250×H2,550mm