Company Profile

Company Profile
Company Name MORESCO Corporation
Established October 27, 1958
Capital JPY 2,118 million
Net Sales JPY  28,806 million [Consolidated]
JPY  17,813 million [Non-consolidated] (As of Feb 28, 2019)
Stock Listing Tokyo Stock Exchange 1st Section
Securities Code 5018
Representative Directors CEO, Representative Director, Chairman Tamio Akada
COO, Representative Director, President Motohisa Morozumi
Board of Directors
CFO, Director
Takashi Takeuchi
Nobuhiro Sewaki
CTO, Director
Yasuo Sakane
Masataka Asano
Li-Ju Judy Lin
Shinichi Sakuta
Takeshi Tomino
Fumihiko Ozawa
Katsuhiro Hasegawa
Number of Employees

765 [Consolidated]
375 [Non-consolidated〕(As of Feb 28, 2019)


(As of Dec 31, 2019)

Main business

Development, manufacture and sale of chemicals such as functional fluids, synthetic lubricants, base materials, and hot melt adhesive, energy device related products as well as rental building business.

BusinessMain Products / Facility Name
Chemical business
Functional fluids High vacuum pump oils, Fire resistant hydraulic fluids, Die-casting lubricants, Cutting fluids, Brake fluids, Antifreeze, Heat-conducting media,Lubricant for hot forging
Synthetic lubricants High temperature lubricating oils, Hard disk surface lubricants, Radiation-resistant lubricants
Base materials Liquid paraffin, Sulfonates
Hot melt adhesives Hot melt adhesives
Energy device related products Organic device sealant, Gas/water vapor transmission rate analyzer,Organic photovoltaics (OPV)
Others Wastewater-treatment equipment, Chemical analysis testing service
Rental building business
Rental building MORESCO Honmachi Building