Privacy Policy

1. Basic Policy

Based on the objectives and philosophy of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, we have established rules necessary for the protection of personal information and system to manage such information. We will work to protect personal information appropriately by ensuring that all employees are aware of these rules and the management system.

2. Organizational Activities

In order to actualize our basic policy, MORESCO shall conduct the following activities:

(1) All MORESCO employees and other concerned personnel shall comply with laws and related standards regarding the protection of personal information.
(2) MORESCO shall appoint an administrator responsible for the protection of personal information and shall assign him or her with responsibilities related to managing personal information and shall cause him or her to carry out such responsibilities based on the management system.
(3) MORESCO shall appoint audit personnel and shall periodically conduct audits regarding the protection of personal information.

3. Treatment of Personal Information

(1) Collection, Usage, and Provision of Personal Information
MORESCO shall disclose the objectives of the collection of personal information to the provider of such information and shall restrict the scope for which collected personal information may be used and/or provided and shall handle such information appropriately.
(2) Respect for Rights
MORESCO shall respect the rights of the information subject related to personal information, and in the event that the information subject requests the disclosure, revision, or deletion of his or her personal information, must respond within a reasonable period of time and within reasonable bounds.
(3) Safety Measures
MORESCO shall put in place appropriate preventive and corrective measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information and the loss, destruction, alteration, leakage, or similar of personal information.

Tamio Akada, CEO, Representative Director, Chairman
MORESCO Corporation

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