What can you tell me about system cleaning that needs to be performed before using Nybrine?

Before you use Nybrine, use water to thoroughly clean out the inside of your device. If you are using other brines, remove all traces of these brines from within the system, and then circulate pure water or hot water through the system to clean it. If you have performed acid washing, wash the system until absolutely no traces of acid remain.
Sample the circulated water, and then measure the solids, calcium ions, chloride ions, and pH. Check that the measured values conform to the following reference values.
  Solids (suspended solids): 20 ppm or less    Chloride ions: 50 ppm or less
  Calcium ions: 10 ppm or less     pH: 5.6 to 8.6

What can you tell me about the settings to use to determine the usage concentration of Nybrine?

To determine the usage concentration, set the freezing point to a value that is 10°C lower than the usage temperature.
To maintain the rust-prevention counter-measures and special characteristics for a long period of time, we recommend that you use the product with a concentration of 35 w% (40 w% for G1) or higher.

What water should I use to dilute Nybrine?

Use standard tap water to dilute Nybrine. Using hard water may lead to the generation of deposits.

What is the routine management that I should perform for Nybrine?

Concentration management: Approximately once a month, measure the concentration by way of specific gravity or refractive index.
pH measurement: Approximately once a month, check that the pH is between 8 and 9.