Extend the life of the vacuum pump oil.

NEOVAC S series based on synthetic oils has a long life due to its excellent thermal and oxidation stability and gas resistance.

Extend the life of the vacuum pump oil that is used in the plasma CVD process.

NEOVAC DR-M is a vacuum pump oil aimed at longer life by suppressing the thickening of the oil by the ammonium chloride generated in the plasma CVD process.

Speed up the start-up of the vacuum pump in winter.

You can quickly start-up the pump by using lower viscosity oil.

Use the grease in a vacuum.

Evaporation of NEOVAC GREASE is very little. NEOVAC GREASE GK-1 can be used in vacuum, high temperature, radiation environment.

Reduce the amount of waste water-soluble cutting fluid.

Synthetic type of water-soluble cutting fluid is a long-life, leading to the reduction of waste.

Grinding fluid that does not change color even if grind the cemented carbide.

GRINDSTAR-3000 is a grinding fluid which aimed at long-life by reducing the discoloration of cobalt ion elution.

Die-casting release agent that does not solder at high mold temperature.

High releasing type such as MS-10 can form a release film, even if the mold temperature is high. It can be used as an inhibitor to burn.

Reduce the blowhole of die-cast products.

Water soluble plunger lubricant can reduce the blowhole since the generation of gas is less.

Lubricating oil and grease which can be used at high temperature.

MORESCO HILUBE is a lubricant which is used for drying-line and tunnel oven. MORESCO HIGREASE UM-1 and GK-1 can be used in high temperature up to 200℃.

Adhesive that does not contain an organic solvent.

Hot melt adhesive “MORESCOMELT” is environment-friendly that does not contain organic solvents.