Heat transfer medium: FAQs

How should the system be cleaned before using NYBRINE?
Use water to sufficiently clean inside the equipment before using NYBRINE. If other brine is being used, then completely remove it and then circulate clean cold or hot water in the system to clean it. If acid cleaning is used, then conduct sufficient cleaning to completely remove the acid content.
Take a sample of the circulated water and measure the solids, calcium ions, chloride ions and pH. Check that these measurements satisfy the following standard values.
Solids (suspended solids): 20 ppm or less
Chloride ions: 50 ppm or less
Calcium ions: 10 ppm or less
pH: 5.6 to 8.6
How should the NYBRINE usage concentration be set?
The concentration to be used should be determined by setting the freezing temperature to 10°C lower than the usage temperature.
We recommend that it is used at a concentration of at least 35 w% (or 40 w% for G1) in order to maintain the rust prevention measures and other characteristics over long periods.
What water should NYBRINE be diluted in?
Use normal tap water to dilute it. Some precipitation may occur if hard water is used.
What day-to-day management is necessary for NYBRINE?
Concentration management: Approximately once every month, measure the concentration by using the specific gravity or refractive index.
pH measurement: Approximately once every month, check that the pH is between 8 and 9.