We want to extend the service life of vacuum pump oil.
NEOVAC S series, based on synthetic oils, has a long service life due to its excellent thermal and oxidation stability and gas resistance.
We want to extend the service life of vacuum pump oil used in the plasma CVD manufacturing process.
NEOVAC DR-M is a high vacuum pump oil that suppresses the thickening of the oil by ammonium chloride generated in the plasma CVD process, with the aim of extending the oil's service life.
Our vacuum pump takes longer to start up in winter. Is there something we can do to speed it up?
Pump start-up in winter can be speeded up by lowering the viscosity of the vacuum pump oil by a grade.
Is there a grease that can be used in a vacuum?
NEOVAC GREASE suffers little evaporation and is suitable for use in a vacuum.
MORESCO-HIGREASE GK-1 can be used in a vacuum and in high temperature and radioactive environments.
We want to reduce the amount of water soluble cutting fluid in wastewater.
Synthetic water-soluble cutting fluid has a long service life that helps to reduce waste volumes.
Are there any grinding fluids that do not change color even when grinding cemented carbide?
GRINDSTAR-3000 is a grinding fluid developed for long service life by reducing discoloration caused by cobalt ion elution.
Are there any die casting lubricants that will not burn onto the mold at high mold temperatures?
High releasing type such as GRAPHACE MS-10 can form a release film, even at high mold temperatures. It can also be used as a burn-on inhibitor.
We want to reduce blowholes in die casting products.
Water soluble plunger lubricants can reduce blowholes because they generate less gas.
Are there any lubricating oils and greases that can be used at high temperatures?
MORESCO-HILUBE is a high temperature lubricating oil used for tunnel ovens and drying lines.
MORESCO-HIGREASE UM-1 and GK-1 can be used in high temperatures up to 200°C.
Are there any adhesives free of organic solvent?
Hot melt adhesive, MORESCO-MELT, is environmentally friendly, containing no organic solvents.