Actions for EmployeesIntroduction of Initiatives

MORESCO's work style reform

Based on the MORESCO "work style reform," we are aiming to provide a workspace where each job feels rewarding. We are increasing labor productivity and returning profits gained through productivity improvement to our employees. Simultaneously, we are considering expanding the range of the flex system and introducing homework as well as reforming the reemployment system. Employees are encouraged to take paid holidays and the acquisition rate is increasing year by year.

Fair and equitable assessment and educational system

What are our employees goals? What kind of visions do they have? Having our employees share these goals and offering support to achieve them is our responsibility as a corporation. We support self-realization in each of our employees through hearings and self-return systems as well as through in-house seminars and career training. We aim to enhance the skills our employees have by providing support for foreign language learning and acquisition of qualifications.

Diversity management that respects the unique traits of individuals

We have many employees with various personalities and backgrounds, and we believe that dedicatedly enhancing their potential will fuel the capabilities of MORESCO to newer levels. We offer maternity leaves, childcare leaves, and childcare hours. When these workers return to work, they will return to their former departments and maintain continuity of their work so that they will be capable of applying their knowledge and experiences. We have a proactive stance in recruiting foreigners as well.