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Starting with the establishment of the local subsidiary MORESCO (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Thailand in 1995, followed by Wuxi MoreTex Technology Co., Ltd. in China in 2001, MORESCO USA Inc. in the USA in 2006, Moresco. Cn. Trustexporter. Com (currently WUXI MORESCO TRADING CO., LTD.) in 2009 and MORESCO HANANO DIE-CASTING COATING (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. in 2010, we have actively proceeded with overseas expansion. In addition, with the overseas expansion of automobile makers, automobile part makers and paper diaper makers in progress, we established PT.MORESCO INDONESIA in Indonesia in 2011, PT.MORESCO MACRO ADHESIVE, a company manufacturing and selling hot melt adhesives, in 2012, and TIANJIN MORESCO TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. in China in 2014. Then, in 2017, we established MORESCO HM&LUB INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED in India and the factory was completed in July 2019.