Actions for EmployeesGeneral Employer Action Plan

Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children

We formulate the following action plan for all employees in order to balance work and child-rearing, to show their full potential.

1Plan Period
April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2025
Aim 1

Information about support to balance work and child-rearing is properly announced and informed to all employees including those who have a child, during the period of the action plan.

To all employees including those who have a child,
  • We announce and inform our regulations about support to balance work and child-rearing.
  • We provide information about public support.
  • We introduce health consultation counters.
Aim 2

To all employees including those who have a child, we establish working standards within the period in order to arrange diversified work style.

To all employees including those who have a child,
  • We expand the scope of our departments which apply flexible work styles.
  • We consider whether to introducing work from home.

Act to Advance Women's Success in Their Working Life

The following action plan has been formulated to maintain and improve employment environment in which women employees can be active.

1Plan Period
May11, 2016 to March 31, 2021
2Our Issue

Low female representation in managerial positions


Limited assignment opportunities for female employees as compared to male employees.

Increase women's representation in managerial positions to 10% or higher (section managers and above, including executives) .
4Approach and Implementation term
Approach1Conduct career training continuously to develop female managerial talent.
  • Since May, 2016: Planned career development training.(training for assistant section managers)
  • Since October, 2016: Conducted career development training. (training for assistant section managers)
  • Since March, 2017: Considered whether to continue to conduct career development training in the next fiscal year.
Approach2Assign female employees to departments etc. where there have been few female employees.
  • Since May, 2016: Promoted female employees' assignment status and job opportunities for new hires at recruiting events.
  • Since January, 2017: Planned assignments for new hires.
Approach3Proactively implement job rotation for career-track female employees for the purpose of career development.
  • Since October, 2016: Planned personnel changes in view of job rotation.
  • Since March, 2017: Made personnel changes as needed.